March 22

Session Title Session Leader(s) Links
Intro & Welcome Brent Baude Slides, Recording
Podman Desktop - Simplifying the experience working with containers and Kubernetes Stevan Le Meur, Florent Benoit Recording
Management of Long-lived Servers: The Missing Bits for Avoiding Config Drift with Declarative Configuration and Image-based Updates Kai Lüke Slides, Recording
vfkit - a minimal hypervisor using Apple’s virtualization framework Christophe Fergeau Slides, Recording
Container IMA using eBPF Avery Blanchard, Lily Sturmann Slides, Recording
Testing Container Images with Python and Pytest Dan Čermák Slides, Recording
State of OCI Scott McCarty Slides, Recording
Introduction to NRI Krisztian Litkey, Peter Hunt Slides, Recording
Windows containers: The forgotten stepchild Jamie Magee Slides, Recording
When Podman Desktop Eats, CLI Dwellers Eat Too Urvashi Mohnani, Ashley Cui Slides, Recording

March 23

Session Title Session Leader(s) Links
Compose to Kubernetes: Caveats, interoperability and transformations Charlie Drage Recording
Hash-based detection of confidential files in container images Holger Gantikow, Kevin Kaftan Slides, Recording
Terminating in the name of eBPF Holger Gantikow, Cedric Casper Slides, Recording
Building an oomkill-exporter powered by eBPF in 5 minutes Krisztian Fekete Recording
Running Confidential Workloads with Podman Sergio Lopez Slides, Recording
CANCELED - Get ready for Arm64 and an ARMful of container build cases Syl Taylor, Ovidiu Valeanu Slides
Containers in cars Daniel J Walsh Blog, Recording
Why was nerdctl made? Akihiro Suda Slides, Recording
WASM/WASI and Cloud Ecosystem Aditya Rajan, Giuseppe Scrivano Slides, Recording
Modifying the Immutable: Attaching Artifacts to OCI Images Brandon Mitchell Slides, Recording
bootc - A new project for bootable containers Colin Walters Slides, Recording
Finch: Streamlining Container Development with an Open Source stack Ziwen Ning, Kyle Davis Slides, Recording
Future of CRI and Container Runtimes Mrunal Patel, Peter Hunt, Alexander Kanevskiy, Sascha Grunert, Michael Brown Slides, Recording

2021 Videos

Below is the list of sessions from 2021, along with linked videos from all sessions.

Session Title Session Leader
MAIN STAGE: Welcome and Logistics (video) Dan Walsh
DISCUSSION: New Kernel Features for Containers (video) Giuseppe Scrivano
Podman and systemd – the Why, the What, and the How (video) Valentin Rothberg
Lightweight Virtualization-Based Isolation Using libkrun (video) Sergio Lopez
Container Migration News (video) Adrian Reber
Spooky Filesystems (video) Tammer Saleh
Challenges of Using User Namespaces at Big Scale (video) Mauricio Vásquez
OCI Artifacts: Adding Support for Reference Types (video) Steve Lasker
Nydus: Container Image Acceleration with E2E Data Integrity (video) Tao Peng
Starting up Containers Super Fast With Lazy Pulling of Images (video) Kohei Tokunaga
DISCUSSION: Improve Image Pulls (video) Giuseppe Scrivano
Fedora CoreOS or Fedora IoT? (video) Peter Robinson
Zero Trust: Running Confidential Computing Containers (video) Samuel Ortiz
BuildKit: Intro to the Architecture of a Modern Build Framework (video) Tonis Tiigi
From Docker Compose to Kubernetes with Podman (video) Brent Baude
DISCUSSION: Secure Container Supply Chain - Considerations, Tools, and Gaps (video) Nisha Kumar