When Podman Desktop Eats, CLI Dwellers Eat Too

Presenters: Urvashi Mohnani, Ashley Cui (Red Hat)

Session Type: Presentation (25min)

Topics: Containers on alternate OSes, Podman, Podman-desktop, Kubernetes

Session Details:

By now, you’ve all seen the shiny new Podman Desktop UI that makes it easy for anyone to manage their containers, create images, and even deploy to Kubernetes, on any operating system! Underneath the hood, the Podman team has made several improvements to support Podman Desktop, and doing so, has implemented features that make Podman for CLI dwellers even better.

We’ll take a look at changes in Podman machine that make the experience of linux containers in non-linux environments even smoother. We will further discuss updates to the kube generate and play commands that allow developers to easily transition their applications from a single node environment to a kubernetes cluster. These new features will improve your containerization workflow, regardless of whether you prefer a UI or stick to the CLI!