Get ready for Arm64 and an ARMful of container build cases

Presenters: Syl Taylor, Ovidiu Valeanu (Amazon Web Services)

Session Type: Presentation (25min)

Topics: Container Runtimes, Image Building, Alternate Architectures/Platforms, Container build cases will showcase multiple open-source projects such as emscripten, tensorflow, vagrant, etc.

Session Details:

There is an ever-increasing demand for compute in modern workloads. To help reduce costs and carbon footprint at scale, alternative CPU architectures such as the now-mainstream arm64 were introduced. However, still to the community’s surprise, container builds continue to fail as not all software is platform-agnostic. A developer can encounter package install errors, missing dependencies and older versions not being supported. In addition, knowing which package source or version to use can bring significant performance improvements. We’ll show you in this session practical examples of solving container image build issues and porting to arm64/aarch64 successfully.