Twenty terrific speakers, experts on a variety of container technologies, are joining us for the first Container Plumbing Days!

Speaker Employer
Adrian Reber Red Hat
Brandon Lum IBM
Brent Baude Red Hat
Dan Walsh Red Hat
Giuseppe Scrivano Red Hat
Kir Kolyshin Red Hat
Kohei Tokunaga NTT
Louis DeLosSantos Red Hat
Mauricio Vásquez Kinvolk
Nisha Kumar VMware
Peter Robinson Red Hat
Samuel Ortiz Intel
Sergio Lopez Red Hat
Steve Lasker Microsoft
Tammer Saleh SuperOrbital
Tao Peng Ant Group
Timothée Ravier Red Hat
Tonis Tiigi Docker Inc
Valentin Rothberg Red Hat

Also, a big thank-you to our conference committee and volunteer moderators for the event: Tom Sweeney, Peter Hunt, Urvashi Mohnani, Sally O’Malley, Preethi Thomas, Dan Walsh, Mrunal Patel, and Josh Berkus.

Join us for the event, and meet the speakers at their session and in the Hallway Track.