Videos now online

Thanks for attending Container Plumbing Days! Videos from the program are now online. You can find links on our schedule, or in the Red Hat Community Video Channel. Enjoy!

Container Plumbing?

The Container Plumbing Days will be a 2-day event to investigate, discuss, hack, learn, and celebrate the “lower-level” open source container technologies, everything from the container runtime on down to the Linux kernel.

Container orchestration and top-level applications may get most of the exposure, but they only work because of an infrastructure of supporting tools and libraries: in short, the “plumbing” that makes platforms like Kubernetes work. There’s plenty of development still to do there, and plenty of new ideas that have not yet been fully explored.

Concepts we plan to explore include:

The open source projects and technologies we hope to see at the event include Buildah, CRI-O, Katacontainers, Kubevirt, Clair, Skopeo, Cgroups2, Krustlet, Seccomp, Podman, KIND, Tern, WASM, and many others. If your project involves lower-level container resources, consider proposing a session!


Container Plumbing Days will be sponsored by Red Hat.