Podman and systemd – the Why, the What, and the How

Schedule: March 9 11:00-11:25 AM EST 16:00-16:25 UTC

Presenters: Valentin Rothberg, Red Hat

Topics: Container Runtimes, Containers & Virtualization, Podman, systemd


Session Details:

Podman is known for its tight and seamless integration into Linux systems. Staying true to the “containers are Linux” philosophy, we make containerization as easy as possible. A core component of modern Linux systems is systemd, which is the de-facto standard for managing services and their dependencies. Early on, we realized that a seamless integration of Podman and systemd is important to our users.

In this presentation, I will talk about and demo best practices how run systemd in Podman and the vice versa. I will show we can easily generate custom systemd unit files and explain how we can use systemd and Podman to automatically update containers.