From Docker Compose to Kubernetes with Podman

Schedule: March 10 12:30-12:55 PM EST 17:30-17:55 UTC

Presenters: Brent Baude, Red Hat

Topics: Container Runtimes, docker-compose, podman, kubernetes


Session Details:

This presentation discusses how Podman users can deploy their docker-compose orchestrations on Kubernetes. With the recent release of Podman 3.0, Podman’s system service can support docker-compose. This allows you to run your orchestrated workloads with Podman. We can then capture those containers and generate YAML that can be run on a Kubernetes platform. While discussing this workflow, we will dive deeper into topics around the RESTFul API, Podman’s system service, generation and replaying of Kubernetes YAML with Podman, and for future improvements that could make the workflow more portable and powerful.