2023 Schedule

This is the final schedule for Container Plumbing 2023. You can find all the recordings in the Video section.

March 22

UTC time EDT time Session Title Session Leader(s)
13:00 9:00 Intro & Welcome Brent Baude
13:30 9:30 Podman Desktop - Simplifying the experience working with containers and Kubernetes Stevan Le Meur, Florent Benoit
14:00 10:00 Management of Long-lived Servers: The Missing Bits for Avoiding Config Drift with Declarative Configuration and Image-based Updates Kai Lüke
14:30 10:30 vfkit - a minimal hypervisor using Apple’s virtualization framework Christophe Fergeau
15:00 11:00 Container IMA using eBPF Avery Blanchard, Lily Sturmann
15:30 11:30 Testing Container Images with Python and Pytest Dan Čermák
16:00 12:00 State of OCI Scott McCarty
16:30 12:30 Introduction to NRI Krisztian Litkey, Peter Hunt
17:00 13:00 Windows containers: The forgotten stepchild Jamie Magee
17:30 13:30 When Podman Desktop Eats, CLI Dwellers Eat Too Urvashi Mohnani, Ashley Cui

March 23

UTC time EDT time Session Title Session Leader(s)
13:00 9:00 Compose to Kubernetes: Caveats, interoperability and transformations Charlie Drage
13:07 9:07 Hash-based detection of confidential files in container images Holger Gantikow, Kevin Kaftan
13:15 9:15 Terminating in the name of eBPF Holger Gantikow, Cedric Casper
13:22 9:22 Building an oomkill-exporter powered by eBPF in 5 minutes Krisztian Fekete
13:30 9:30 Running Confidential Workloads with Podman Sergio Lopez
14:00 10:00 Get ready for Arm64 and an ARMful of container build cases Syl Taylor, Ovidiu Valeanu
14:30 10:30 Why was nerdctl made? Akihiro Suda
15:00 11:00 WASM/WASI and Cloud Ecosystem Aditya Rajan, Giuseppe Scrivano
15:30 11:30 Modifying the Immutable: Attaching Artifacts to OCI Images Brandon Mitchell
16:00 12:00 bootc - A new project for bootable containers Colin Walters
16:30 12:30 Finch: Streamlining Container Development with an Open Source stack Ziwen Ning, Kyle Davis
17:00 13:00 Future of CRI and Container Runtimes Mrunal Patel, Peter Hunt, Alexander Kanevskiy, Sascha Grunert, Michael Brown

How the event will look like when you join us

All of the presentations will be “sessions” in the Hopin conference platform. Sessions become visible in the Hopin site 10 minutes before they start.

All sessions will include Q&A, if time permitting. You may ask your question at any point in the Session Chat alongside the presentation. The moderator will track these and repeat them to the speaker at the appropriate time. Please adhere to the code of conduct.

A few sessions are discussion sessions, and attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and participate aloud and by chat. If you want to say something aloud, use the Hopin interface to Request To Share Audio and Video and the moderator will enable your video and mic at the appropriate time (we are strictly limited on how many people can have live mics at once). Please disable your mic and video once you are done speaking.

If you get “video streaming error”, try using a different web browser. Our apologies for failing to provide captions for most sessions; the techonology we tested for this didn’t work out.

Video Recording

We intend to record all the sessions and later upload them to the Red Hat Community YouTube channel after editing. Occasionally, a speaker’s talk may not be recorded for content or technical reasons. Sessions may also be available via the speakers’ own video channels. If you choose to ask a question out loud, you will be on the recording.

Videos of last event’s sessions are available on our Videos Page.